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First for Freedom announces 2015 Season Dates

Due to unforeseen circumstances our only show will be on July 4th around 8pm at the Halifax County Courthouse in Halifax, NC.  Stay tuned for exciting announcements coming for our 2016 season!

2014 Director's Notes

This season started on such a high note. We were invited to participate in a glorious day that included meeting with the Secretary of Cultural Resources, several under secretaries, and other state and local officials, along with staff of Historic Halifax and concerned citizens. This was a day-long meeting about the future of Halifax. We were officially informed that the state had agreed to lease the Joseph Montfort Amphitheater back to Halifax County. This was definitely a high note. On the ride down hill, cast members were had to recruit, support from the past was no longer in place, hundreds of dollars worth of equipment was stolen from the storage facility, illness and relational death all occurred. Most would think that all of this calamity would cause us to throw our hands up.


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